Thursday night was date night and we grabbed dinner at Vita Cafe on Alberta.
It was mostly a vegetarian/vegan menu and I usually don't like judging a restaraunt on our first trip, but everything we got was really salty. Bleh. The thick, hand-cut fries were my favorite thing but they were also pretty salty. Put away the salt shaker Vita Cafe!
They did have a ton of amazing looking vegan cakes however.
Us at dinner:
When we got home, we got a little peek at what the boys did while we were gone.
I love seeing them play together:
Saturday morning I woke up with a cold, so we just kind of hung out.
Bro time on the couch:
Sweet little guy, who just so happens to have caught my cold:
(For the last couple of months, we have been sick for two weeks then healthy for one, then it repeats. So weird/annoying, A dirty 3 year old boy and a baby that puts everything in his mouth don't mix I guess.)
On Sunday, we met up with Abi to get a couple of updated family pictures.
I absolutely cannot wait to see them!

Bob Goff spoke at church that night. That guy has so many awesome stories and he's so funny to listen to. I'm attempting to read his book Love Does but I'm a.) not exactly the book/reading-type and b.) not exactly sure why I thought the holidays would be a good time to pick up a book. I'm sure I'll finish it someday,  I guess it's a New York Times Best Seller. So cool.

Monday we had to cancel a playdate because of Buck's cold, so we just chilled at home again.
Piano time:
That night we decided to go to Zoolights, because it was likely one of the last dry days we'd have to be able to see them. Buck slept most of the time and he was bundled up in the Ergo so we kept each other warm.
If you haven't been to Zoolights, it's so cool.
Bennett loved it this year, despite standing in line for the train for 1.5 hours.
It went quickly and they have displays for you to look at while you wait, so it wasn't horrible and Bennett was so patient.

Waiting in line:
Still waiting:
Finally on the train:
(of course B asked where Thomas was.)
View from the train:
I love this one, except for that random guy. 
He walked in right as I took the picture:
Buck sleeping away:

This was the first year Bennett wasn't in a stroller for Zoolights and I think he really liked it.
All that walking definitely wore him out, which is a good thing.

Happy Wednesday Friends!


  1. Bon Bon on December 12, 2012 at 1:39 PM

    The Bean has the same pajamas as The Buck:-) And oh my goodness, Bob Goff at church. I had tears in my eyes, from laughter! xoxo

  2. Ashley on December 12, 2012 at 4:24 PM

    about Love Does: If all you read is the story about his job as a waiter, it will all be worth it! (I only say that because it's the only part of the book I have read!) Looking forward to hearing what you think of it; maybe it will inspire me to lose some sleep reading the rest :-)

  3. Angela on December 14, 2012 at 6:30 PM

    I absolutely LOVED Love Does. Honestly one of my favorite books. :) Little B is just too dang cute, love his eyes!


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