Our weekend didn't really involve that much and I kind of loved it.

Our paint colors got approved (!) so Chris got back to scraping the house...this prep work seems neverending!

Thursday and Friday were grocery shopping days. 
(I've had to split my shopping into two days now. Three stores and two little ones in one day would be impossible right now!) 
While we were out, I stopped for gas and Bennett chimed in just as I was saying "fill it with regular"...
Thursday night was date night.
We decided to keep it simple, we grabbed Chipolte downtown and ate it in this awesome little area across the street:
Then we walked around the corner onto the park blocks so we could just chill on a blanket under a tree.
It was so nice to do nothing for a change!
On our way home, we stopped at good ol' Dairy Queen for some cones:
(I think I managed to get more chocolate shell on my shirt than I got in my belly.)
I had bought a giant box of huge/perfect/juicy peaches at Costco, so
Saturday morning Chris made us Peaches and Cream Stuffed French Toast.
It was bliss:
And Sunday morning he got up and made our favorite blueberry muffins to go along with some granola, TJ's hashbrowns (you must try these if you haven't!), eggs and of course a peach.
(we take breakfast seriously.)
We went on a nice little walk before bedtime (I'm loving these summer nights) and I spotted this little lady:
I also was able to make a small test batch of strawberry jam sweetened with honey:
(it was my first canning experience which turned out pretty well. We go through strawberry jam like crazy which means lots of sugar. I usually buy a great 'reduced sugar' jam at TJ's but I wanted to try making it myself with honey and the result was tasty! It's even still too sweet, but I put the maximum amount of honey. Note to self: reduce honey next time.)
And a random picture:
This was Bennett one year ago...crazy how much they grow in a year! 
He is turning 3 (three?!) in a month so 
I guess I better get on the party planning!

Happy Tuesday Friends!

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  1. Kira on August 13, 2012 at 8:28 AM

    I love Bennett's gas comment, what a funny kid!


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