So I really want to be posting more than once a week and post more than just updates on what we have done over the past week/weekend. 
Slowly but surely friends.

I'm lame posting this on a Friday but here it is...
(we've all been sick and these brothers have been keeping me quite busy...did I mention that having a toddler and a newborn=craziness?)

Anyways, this is what we've been doing this week:

Bennett read to Buckley:
I made our favorite carnitas tacos:
we had a mini date to the waffle window:
 Buckley slept a lot:

and we were finally able to take him to church:
 the boys fell asleep together on a long walk:
 Buckley had his first nap in his crib:
 and he took a nap while we had a backyard picnic:
 I made these cookies:
 and these muffins:
 I learned how to be efficient while feeding The Buck:
 our indoor-but-seeing-if-she-can-be-outdoors cat got stuck in our apple tree:
(then she jumped to the roof and then flew off of it)

Happy Friday Friends!


  1. Nicole on June 18, 2012 at 12:54 PM

    What a great week! Buckley looks so sweet in his crib! What swaddler are you using? I got to try out a bunch this weekend but not that one.

  2. Becca on June 23, 2012 at 4:54 AM

    Nicole- its a Kiddopottamus ( I'm not sure how it's actually spelled) but its a great one. We put it over the muslin swaddlers and he really stays all bundled up!


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