This weekend was Chris' birthday weekend and it felt like it went on for forever which is always nice!

Thursday we had a playdate with Lauren and Fern, and Echo, Poppy and Alomae.
Bennett was totally outnumbered, and he may have even been convinced to put on a tutu.
 Friday night, Chris chose to get Broder for his birthday/date night dinner.
No complaints here.
We can never pass up aebilskivers as an appetizer:
 Chris got the burger with the amazing pea salad (I don't even like peas but I could eat this all day long).
I got their famous Pyatt y Panna (smoked trout hash) with baked eggs and walnut toast.
I usually order the dark hot chocolate but decided to try the raspberry apple cider and it didn't disappoint!
Sooo good:
 Saturday morning, someone woke us up early wanting to play blocks.
We appeased him by playing blocks in bed for a bit then we decided to finish putting together the nursery and rearranging B's room.

The changing table/dresser got moved into the nursery and his bed and bookshelf got flipped around.
He has so much more floor space to play on now!

and the nursery is pretty much done:
(I'll do a full post later)

  Saturday afternoon B tried on some of his new summer clothes and he didn't want to take them off.

He especially loved the little euro swim shorts:
(don't they look lovely with the socks?)
 During nap, I whipped this up:
(a triple layer chocolate cake: top and bottom were dark chocolate cake and the middle layer was brownie with chocolate frosting in between and on the outside. I stuck pb chips on the outside because well, Chris loves chocolate and pb)
 Saturday night we had friends over for cake and coffee.
Nine of us could only finish half of the cake:
(the other half was demolished by Chris' co-workers before 10am yesterday)
 Sunday morning Chris woke up to a scavenger hunt:
Then we went to Lovejoy Bakers to get our favorite breakfast:
 then to Barista for some delicious caffeinated fuel:
 we walked over to REI to get our new stroller, but B really wanted to play in the 'airplanes':
 Sunday night we met Chris' parents for his actual birthday dinner at Laurelhurst Market.
I forgot to take pictures of our amazing food, but I did get a picture of B throughouly enjoying his mac n cheese:
 afterwards, we grabbed birthday ice cream cones at Salt and Straw:
(Chris got his usual double scoop with double fold vanilla and stumptown espresso with cocoa nibs and I got a single scoop of one of the new flavors, honey lemon with ricotta walnut cookies. It was SO good!)
 Yesterday it was an amazingly gorgeous day, so after Chris got home we ate a quick dinner and took our new toy out for a test ride to the park.
(yes, we realize how dorky we are)
Only missing one little wiggly thing:
 Oh and this weekend we managed to squeeze in a belly picture.
Who knows how many more there will be?!
(pray that this little guy turns head down, a c-section does not sound like fun with a toddler running around)
 and here's an outtake, but it accurately shows how I feel:
Pregnancy #2 is way more painful/annoying/difficult than #1 ever was and 
Chris gets to hear about it all the time (sorry Chris)!
I feel guilty for complaining because there are people who have really, really difficult pregnancies, but compared to my first one (which was a complete breeze) a majority of this one has been lame. 
To put it simply, sciatica sucks!
Come on baby...flip and come out!


  1. Kira on April 3, 2012 at 3:57 PM

    The nursery looks awesome, I like that you put some color in there :)

    Also, the cake was really good, thanks for inviting is!

    And...I hope your little hippie trick works and that baby turns around!

  2. Nicole on April 3, 2012 at 5:00 PM

    What a fun weekend! The nursery looks so great and what a nice new stroller! Baby has a couple more weeks to turn around, the Lord will turn him. :)

  3. Amanda on April 3, 2012 at 9:25 PM

    Wait! The board says he is head down? You look adorable still!

  4. Cbayley on April 4, 2012 at 8:38 AM

    Hi Becca!

    Tara gave me the link to your blog so I could see how cute you are preggers. Super cute! You're little man is super cute and looks like he has an awesome personality. I love all of your redecorating and cooking. I hope your baby turns for you, I had a c-section with my little one and the recovery takes a bit of time and not too easy. I live in Portland too, eventually we'll have to get together. I wish you the best!


  5. Becca on April 4, 2012 at 2:02 PM

    Haha Amanda you're right! I'll blame it on the baby brain. :)

  6. Becca on April 4, 2012 at 3:48 PM

    Christina- Glad you're following along! Thanks for saying I look cute too! Sometimes I feel like a whale, but actually not as whale-like as the last time around! Did you have a c-section because she was breech? And yes, let's definitely get together sometime since you live so close!

  7. Cbayley on April 11, 2012 at 2:49 PM

    yes, I had a c-section b/c she was breech, she actually flipped several times in the last few days but it was one too many times for any other options. I was scheduled for an aversion, where they try to flip her from the outside.... but my water broke first and they couldn't try to do that. my email is let's have lunch or a playdate sometime!


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