Thursday, B and I went to the library. When we got to the children's section I stopped to look something up on the computer and B ran ahead saying he was going to get books. When I was done, I walked up to the table he had found a spot at and realized that every book he grabbed was a Thomas the Train book, including one magazine! This boy knows what he likes and is obsessed.
  (though I'm not sure how he even got introduced to Thomas in the first place!) 

He sat and read through each one.
 I love my nerdy little book worm!
 By the way, have you guys tried these yet?:
(I normally don't buy cereal like this but since we are big peanut butter fans I had to grab it, and was pleasantly surprised with how tasty it is! It doesn't have as much sugar as I thought it would, though it still has more than other cereals I buy. It's a treat and we are milking it for all it's worth!)
 Speaking of sugar, I don't mind ending a long day with a little dessert.
I found a recipe for chocolate lava cakes for two.
It was amazing and was the perfect amount with a little vanilla ice cream on the side.
(I added some dark chocolate chips into the center of the cakes before I put them in the oven to make sure they got nice and gooey. Worked like a charm!)
 Friday morning B jumped on the bed like usual:
 He did a lot of coloring:
 played with trains and blocks:
 and I made my first key lime pie:
I used this crust recipe since I wanted a super thick crust, and I used this filling recipe.
It turned out way better than I thought it would, though I forgot to spray the pie dish first, so we lost a lot of valuable crust!
Friday marked 5 years since my step-dad* passed away and the pie was in honor of him,
 since it was his favorite. 
(*I really don't like that term, he was more of a dad to me and raised me with my mom since I was 4) 
We had my mom and brother and sister over for the evening to just hang out, eat good food and be together. It was a good night.
 Saturday was the last of the nursery construction days!
While B and I were out of the hosuse, I bought little brother's first teeny:
 B was so pooped Saturday night that he fell asleep mid book:
(we give him 2 big stacks of books at night and it really helps to keep him in bed and it just so happens to make him sleepy as well. Every once in a while we will hear him run to his bookshelf to get more books but he runs right back to bed and even covers himself back up.)
 Oh and here is the nursery progress...
We now have a door and molding, both of which need to be painted.
We'll tackle that this week. We moved some of the furniture in and I'm loving how it's turning out!
I'm seriously so thankful for Chris' bro and dad and their construction abilities!
They even put custom shelving in the boy's closets:
 The shelves give us SO much more storage than we had before!
 and they even finished off the edges!:
 Sunday morning we took a belly picture:
(I'm almost 34 weeks but I'm not taking them weekly anymore)
I'm getting large and so is the baby apparently.
I'm running out of clothes and interesting outfits, but luckily my plan has been working!
and Chris made German pancakes for breakfast:
 and B discovered a love for James Taylor:
(I don't even know how many times he put the One Man Band live dvd in this weekend, 
though I can't say I mind! This kid is going to be a musician for sure.)
and we have been enjoying this book:
(my sister got it for B...instead of saying goodnight to the cow jumping over the moon, 
they say goodnight to ipods, mp3s and HDTV. Pretty funny/true/sad.) 
And that was our weekend.

Happy Monday Friends!


  1. Lauren @The Little Things We Do.... on March 19, 2012 at 1:42 PM

    sounds like you guys had a fantastic weekend :). you should come over soon and grab a couple of shirts from me to tide you over for your last few weeks. mine were giant at the end, so you'll prbably be able to fit into some of my earlier stuff :).

    also - the best key lime pie i've ever had was at a party and when i asked for the recipe i was told it was off of the back of the key lime pie juice bottle!

    here's a link...has the perfect amount of zing!

  2. Ashley on March 19, 2012 at 3:25 PM

    James Taylor, reading before falling asleep, and jumping on the bed... I think Bennett and I would get along really well! PS German pancake recipe? :-)

  3. Sara B on March 19, 2012 at 4:31 PM

    You look so great! Love the little nursery too!

  4. Kira on March 19, 2012 at 5:26 PM

    I love that photo of Bennett in bed surrounded by books, so cute!

  5. Matt Norman on March 20, 2012 at 8:10 PM

    You should start a cooking blog (given you have a newborn coming soon!). you are amazing.

    xoxo, anna


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