Just processing ideas for the bathroom re-do which won't even happen until next spring. We are slowly buying things as we see deals though. If anyone is moving in the near future, totally sign up (in the change of address packet) to get West Elm's catalogs at your new address (even if you already get them, because catalogs don't forward.) They will send you a 10% off new mover coupon which should save you a pretty penny!

new bathroom inspiration

1.  DWR Gooseneck barn lamp I'd really like to find a cheaper alternative if I can. I'm not sure what lamps are used in the inspiration picture but I'd like to find them!
2. West Elm Organic Woodgrain bath towels We only had two towels to begin with, so I got two of these for guests to use.
3. We can use our existing chocolate brown bath mat!
4. White pennyround tile placed up to the ceiling behind the sink as well as in the shower.
5.  CB2 Coop Tower to hold towels and such. Brings in more of an industrial feel.
6. Kraus white square ceramic sink I can't decide if I would want a sunken sink with the counter overlayed (like in the picture) or if I want a basin sink on top of the cabinet. Either one would look good.
7. West Elm Blackened Metal Mirror. I've had my eye on this mirror for months and finally decided to call and see if they had any because I saw it was marked down to $79.99 (originally $130) online. None of the stores had any left but there just so happened to be one randomly being sent to the store so it was mine and was only going to be $45! Once it came in we went to pick it up and the price had dropped to $25! It's such an awesome, low profile mirror for an amazing price...if anyone is in the market for a mirror definitely call about this one and see if there are any more!

Do you guys like it?
Happy Friday!


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