Sing a carol to your mom
cause she knows whats goin on

My mom really gets into wrapping our Christmas presents every year. The wrapping paper she gets is always super fun and coordinating and she spends a lot of time getting creative with the actual wrapping of the presents too. I remember growing up, she would never let me see the wrapping paper until Christmas morning when the presents were under the tree. Santa also had his own wrapping paper which somehow coordinated nicely with my mom's.

For the last few years, she has been getting her paper at the Container Store and I love their selection, but I have never bought any myself. Most rolls are around $8 but my favorite (the red woodgrain) is only $5.99 which seems like a lot for wrapping paper but you can wrap a few gifts with it and use the rest (or all of it) for crafts or frame it for some super cheap art!

This is an example of my mom's wrapping from last year:
I had a hard time narrowing down my favorites at the Container Store this year, so here is a large sampling of what they have:

As I was going through my pictures from last Christmas, I found this one. It's a pretty sad looking tree at a park by my mom's house. We all walked over and decorated it hoping that it would brighten peoples' day as they walked by it! It was fun and we were sure to pick everything up once Christmas was over!

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  1. my name is lauren. on November 22, 2010 at 10:51 PM

    i heart the red wood grain paper. SO cute! i also like the deer sweatery paper below it and the red plaid below that. i think the 3 would make a really pretty wrapping combination :).

    can't wait to craft with you!


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