Oh hi, I'm Becca. Nice to meet you.
I know, it's been forever right? My last post was about the holidays, and here it is June 4th! We updated our computer, and apparently Apple doesn't think iPhoto is needed anymore, so my thousands (Chris would tell you millions) of pictures are just kind of hanging out somewhere on our computer. I need to get that all figured out, but in the meantime I have two photo-dump posts so I can play catch up.

The boys are growing like weeds and eating us out of house and home! (I'm nervous for the teenage years, what happens if they have friends over and there are like ten stinky, hungry boys here?!) Bennett just ran up the street to our neighbor friends house by himself for the very first time, we signed him up for pre-k next year and he's just about reading without help! Buck turned two(!) a few weeks ago, he's starting to talk in sentences and recognize letters and he could move piles of dirt around in the backyard all day long.

This is what we were up to in January and February...

We had a family portrait done by mylittlebuffalo on Etsy:
(So cute right?)
This past winter was crazy in the snow department. We had a few really big snow storms.
This was the last and biggest storm, we just kept getting more and more snow each day, then on the last day we got freezing rain on top of it all. 
We all were going stir crazy being in the house so we tried to get outside a couple times a day. Why is  it that it takes 20 minutes to prepare them to go out in the snow, then they only want to actually play outside for two minutes? 
This was Buck's first time out in the snow, and he didn't understand what the point of gloves was, he would yank them off immediately after getting outside.
He decided that snow was pretty much the worst thing ever:
Three smiles and a stink-face:
The boys decided that going in Buck's crib is the best thing ever.
They still ask me to put them in it a few times a week:
It's always to rough house and Buck pretty much ends up sitting on Bennett every time. 
They love it and I love it because they are contained and it's a great way to get energy out!IMG_6069
The little elves gave us a puppet show:
(yes, they are still wearing their elf pjs even in June!)
Dressing up is always a fun time to be had.
Iron Man and Thor:
(Bennett had his fake glasses on, then Buck went in search of the Mr. Potato Head glasses for the picture!)
Oh yes, Valentines Day...man that seems like a long time ago:
(This is the best picture we could manage to send to my mom...the only way I could get Buck to stay still was to pull up the stool and give him a snack. Obviously it was too much to ask him to look at the camera as he shoved his face full of goldfish.)
Bennett made me a valentine:
(which I can't bear to take down yet)
When we were stuck inside for what felt like an eternity, I got creative with fort making:
and lots of cozy clothes were worn:
Buck passed out holding his bowl of macaroni:
and he loves to put on our shoes:
Buck also has started using a normal chair at the table for most meals.
Where has my baby gone?!
It seems like it was a pretty drastic change to warmer days once it stopped snowing.
And Bennett has been doing a lot of swim lessons lately.
It's so fun to see your kids learn something new!
I love seeing these brothers together. They love each other and watching their friendship grow has definitely been my favorite part of having two boys.
Indoor picnics:
Now that the sun is out most days, we've had lots of playground time.
It's funny because Bennett has always been cautious and Buck will do anything, that boy has no fears:
(lord help me)
This is what happened when I tried to get a picture of all three of my boys on the wall...impossible.
The little stinker ran away and of course Bennett went to go catch him:
and if you haven't noticed our new family member in many of these pictures, I introduce you to Coon...a permanent extension of Buck's hand:
We've had a few sets of my late grandpa's deer antlers and finally got around to mounting them.
Chris learned how to mount them himself and we knew we wanted to make them look funky and modern to fit in with our house decor so we used some Pendleton wool for the fabric covering and our friend Jordan cut the plaque out of plywood.
We couldn't be happier with the way they turned out:


Okay so like I said, I have another post full of pictures and I just need to add words. That shouldn't take me 3 months, but you never know. I'm horrible.
I actually almost forgot how to do this whole blog post thing but I made it!
Now you know we're alive at least.