This last weekend we had amazing weather and we spent a lot of time outside and a lot of time spoiling Bennett, since these are his last days of being an only's pretty obvious that he's feeling insecure about this big change that's going to happen, but he's also excited to meet his little brother.
Needless to say I'm still pregnant. 
I technically have a week left but I really think it's going to be sooner!
I'll keep you updated!

We had a family movie night.
The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars (not as good as the original)
and homemade stovetop popcorn:
I baked. A lot.
(what's the point to measuring vanilla...always overestimate)
had some Dole whip covered in juicy fresh fruit:
I made these energy bites again:
(I made a double batch and froze them for once little brother gets here. 
I'm sure we will need all the energy we can get)
Lauren and Fern came over. I'm convinced they will get married...or maybe Fern will be more of little brother's type. Maybe little brother will like older women. 
(Chris and Craig did go for older ladies afterall)
For date night we decided to grab the spiciest thing we could think of.
Spicy fish sauce wings from Pok Pok Noi!
("spicy" is an understatement. I don't like spicy food but these are amazing and I was willing to eat them for a good cause...trying to vacate little brother!)
Were we in PDX  or did we go to Thailand for the evening?
Before I eat the wings I layer on the chapstick for extra protection 
and I always end up eating all of the cold veggies: 
(after rubbing them all over my lips, eating every last ice cube and grain of rice)
 (did I mention I'm a spicy food wuss?) 
"did we just induce labor?!"
What better way to counteract spiciness than with some ice cream from Salt and Straw:
Obviously, the spiciness did not do it's job, but that's the sacrifice I was willing to make.

We spent the rest of the weekend outside playing and being crafty:
a wagon ride before bed:
finishing up nursery projects:
(painting an arrow)
(Chris definitely had to tape that up with his engineering skills)
I pulled out my sewing machine:
and the boys pulled out their tank tops:
Strawberry lemonade and arnold palmers definitely happened:
(if you have a costco membership you need to get these pitchers...they are amazing and there is a coupon right now!)
Oh yeah, back to the nursery...

there's the finished arrow:
and I made the triangles into a mobile:
Our cherry trees seemed to blossom over night:
and we spent some time under them coloring with sidewalk chalk and running around:
And that was our lovely weekend.
(and Portland is back to the rain)

Happy Wednesday Friends!

Grocery's a love/hate relationship.
 I love all of the possibilities that lie ahead of me, but I don't necessarily like putting in the effort of going to multiple stores with a toddler.

 I've shared how full/crazy/tiring one of my grocery shopping days can be in my 'a day in the life' post. 
Thank the Lord I don't have to deal with a.)putting all of our grocery bags in the stroller while b.)holding Bennett and c.)navigating through a maze of doors with a super heavy stroller and only one hand; all the while praying that someone doesn't get on the elevator and want to make small chat which would in turn wake B up.  Again I say THANK THE LORD!

Anyways, all that to say...

This last weekend I did a guest post over at He Speaks in the Silence on meal planning and grocery shopping...on a budget...with kids in tow.

Go check it out here and I hope you guys find it helpful!
(while you're there don't forget to click's an amazing blog!)
This last weekend we had amazing weather in Portland but we spent a lot of our time inside getting ready for little brother!

Thursday I spent some time nesting.
I organized this cupboard which was previously filled with a disorganized assortment of laundry and cleaning supplies that kind of just got thrown in there when we moved in almost a year ago. 
(wow has it really been that long?!)
 I couldn't handle it any longer and now I actually like looking in there.
I have a craft/cookbook shelf on top and a laundry/cleaning shelf on the bottom.
So nice!
 I figured out outfits to take to the hospital for the little man:
(call me boring but I like stripes and solids)
 and I made breakfast pizza for dinner:
(TJ's whole wheat crust topped with ricotta, breakfast sausage, 
yellow potatoes, shaved parm, eggs and green onions)
 Friday night Chris and I went to one of our favorite Thai restaraunts:
 and we finished off our date night with some fro yo:
 Saturday Lauren and I had planned on having a "grown up lady time" breakfast to start off a fun day of shopping and pedicures...only when we got to the Doug Fir all of my sweet friends were there!
Lauren and Abi had planned a surprise baby shower for me!
I had originally told everyone that I would feel weird having a second baby shower, but this was the perfect low-key-non-baby-baby shower. It felt more like a last hurrah over yummy food with all of my friends before little brother shows up.
(friends who live in pdx at least...I missed you out of town/state/country-ers!)

simple and sweet decor:
(I love me some succulents)
(ps: can you guess what his name is?!)
and more friends:
 after my shower Lauren and I had a perfectly girly/indulgent day, leaving no craving unfulfilled.
This included boba tea:
 clucks and fries and a chocolate malt at red robin:
(both of which we health concious of us. everything in moderation people.)
(also, I'm pretty sure I haven't eaten at RR since college)
 I also got a third one ever.
Can I even be considered a girl?
I was desperate since I can't see/reach my feet.
 Our day also included some shopping at H&M for a few post-maternity/nursing friendly things.
All in all it was an amazingly fun day and I felt so blessed by my sweet friends and also by my amazing husband who watched Bennett the entire day!

Sunday B was being super needy
(he totally knows his life is about to change big time)
so we spent the day having fun with him and giving him all the attention he could soak up.
The weather was amazing so we took a wagon ride to the park:
and we played in the back yard and I made some frozen yogurt drops
after church and putting B to bed, I finally got a chance to work on the
 non-cheesy baby book I'm making:
and a belly pic...could this be the last one?!

Happy Tuesday Friends!
Yes it's Thursday and I'm just getting to filling you in on last weekend.
Bear with me as I probably blog less and less for a bit while I nest/take care of stuff before little brother gets here. 
We're in the home stretch and HE FLIPPED!
There is an 80% chance that he will stay head down now, so please pray that he does!

I will definitely post a picture at least letting you guys know once he's here.

Anyways, onto our fun/relaxing Easter weekend...

Thursday we had a playdate with Ashley and James at OMSI.
Bennett got soaking wet in the water area, and I of course forgot a change of clothes:
(it didn't seem to bother him one bit)
Thursday afternoon someone figured out how to lock doors...
unfortunately I was on the other side of that door painting in the garage:
(luckily Chris was on his way home and B was watching a show on tv, so I don't think he even noticed I was gone.)
( By the way, picking locks with paper clips is a joke)
 Friday night we had a very fancy date night dinner at Chipolte:
(we wanted to save a good amount of our date night allowance for dessert...)
I had been wanting to try out Fizz for a while.
It's a cute little soda fountain with a ton of fun/retro/hard to find candy and bottled sodas.

This whole case consisted of just bottles of root beer:
Chris ordering his handmade soda:
My frozen hot chocolate, chris' handmade honey cream soda and some goodies to take home:
Saturday morning we got up and headed to the zoo for their easter egg hunt:
(Apparently everyone else in Portland had the same idea. This is right after we got on the shuttle to take us a half mile down the road, and it was also B's first time on a school bus. He was incredibly excited!)
(We literally could have walked/waddled to the zoo from our house, but Chris found $5 on the ground when we were getting back in our car which paid for coffee the next morning, so we didn't mind much after that.)
Family of three...soon to be four!
The "egg" hunts were on the amphitheater lawn with different areas sectioned off for different ages. 
Bennett isn't 3 yet so we went to the 2 and under section. It was kind of a joke. There were so many parents hovering over their kids in this tiny section trying to grab pieces of candy that they threw on the lawn. They threw out about 5 eggs total, one of which B stepped right over. He ended up with 4 pieces of candy because everything was snatched up in about a minute. 
The "egg" hunt was kind of a bummer but it was a warm sunny day so we decided to enjoy it!
We walked around and looked at some of the animals:
B got to pet the softest bunny ever:
We had a picnic:
Sunday morning somebody woke up bright and early.
I heard him run out into the living room and then a long silence.
I knew he had found his easter basket so I grabbed my phone and headed out there.
He was pretty excited about what he saw:
(yes, I'm that mom who doesn't put candy in her kid's easter baskets, but toothbrushes instead. I knew he'd get a ton of candy from the egg hunt later on in the day...and it was a Thomas the Tank engine electric toothbrush people!)
For breakfast we made chocolate chip pancakes: 
(and decided that it is now an Easter morning tradition for us)
Then we got ready and headed out the door for our day of family Easter festivities:
We had a tasty lunch and played a bit with Chris' side of the family but for some reason I didn't take any pictures.
Afterwards we headed out to my aunt's house in the middle of nowhere.
Lots of land= a giant egg hunt. 
The kind with eggs.
Paparazzi :
B madeout like a bandit in the candy dept...once we got home we checked out all the treats he got and the candy almost filled a gallon sized ziplock bag! It's safe to say that he will need some help eating all/most of it...probably the last year we'll be able to get away with that!

My aunt also has free range chickens on her property and B loves chasing them.
The whole time he kept yelling out "chickens where are you?"
He also wanted to hold one, though I was afraid it would peck his eyes out or something:
 All of the guys (and some ladies) practiced their sweet shooting skills.
Chris included:
(B and I watched)
Usually it's pouring on Easter around here, but not this year...
We spent most of the day outside in the 60 degree sunshine for a change and it was SO nice!

Around the house, we have been working hard to paint all of the doors and installing the new hardware we bought a while back. It really makes a huge difference when all of the doorknobs/hinges/etc. match!
B helped out a bit too:
And I had to include this picture of B finally holding a chicken at our friend's house on Tuesday, though it was a baby chick and I'm pretty sure he didn't  mind. 
I think he wanted to take it home:
(and I can't say I'd stop him...sorry Echo!)

Happy Thursday friends and have a great weekend!