I'm filling in the blanks with Lauren!

1.   I am currently obsessed with       finding new healthy recipes that don't include meat. I guess you could call us flexitarians.

2.  Today I am    sore    because,    yesterday I did Jillian Michaels and ran 4.5 miles (which was the most intense/sweaty/hard/ifeellikequitting run I've ever done). I didn't plan to do two workouts but my awesome friend Lindsey offered to watch Bennett if I wanted to go run, which I couldn't turn down. Plus that means I don't have to workout today (grocery shopping day). Did I tell you I'm training for an 8k? Five weeks ago I absolutely hated running but it's really not so bad, plus I can tell a major difference in the way my body looks! 

3.  The age I am is    27     and the age I feel is     27 sounds so old to me. I guess I feel like I should be 23. Sometimes people think I'm a teenager which isn't cool. In restaraunts I get called "sweetie" and "hun" and it makes me skin crawl.

4.  My favorite place is     Hawaii, we went on our honeymoon and talk about going back now that it's been 5 years. It's seriously the most relaxed we've ever been.  Olivia Beach is a close second because the houses are amazing, the tidepools are fun to explore and we always go with people we love. I can't wait to go twice this summer!!! 

5.  Something I have been procrastinating is     making granola. I usually make it every two weeks but we've been so busy these last few weeks that it just never gets done. It's not even that hard to make. Everynight we say "lets make granola tonight" then once Bennett goes to bed we just want to sit and do nothing. So two weeks later all the ingredients are just sitting, but at least Im back on my two week sched. which means I need to make it this weekend.

6.  The last thing I purchased was          Stumptown hot chocolate and gluten free pesto shrimp pizza at Pizacatto. I wasn't sure I'd like the gluten free crust but I think I like it better...their's tastes like crispy cornbread! 

7.  The thing I love most about my home is       that it's right in the middle of downtown Portland! We barely ever need to drive because everything is in walking distance. The farmers market (which is two blocks up) opens in a few weeks and I can't hardly wait! It's been recognized as the best FM in the US and it's right up the street! 

Look at how little he was!
Tired of seeing "Keep Calm and Carry On" prints everywhere?

I promise they don't exist in Felt & Wire Shop, which is an online marketplace for awesomely unique papergoods, especially if you like design.

I would get every one of these if I could...

I'm gonna be changing things up a bit on this here little blog. 
I need more color. 
Stay tuned!
I love having a fun desktop background. Usually it's a picture of Bennett or all three of us. 
If I ever decide to change it up a bit, I  might replace our desktop with one of these from simpledesktops.com...

Which ones do you like?
Go get one now because they are FREE!

oh yeah...

Thursday we went to our fave Por Que No for our usual Bryan's Bowls (mexican bowls of amazingness).
We finally used up our giant gift card from Christmas. 
Best. Present. Ever.
I told Bennett to smile and he made a funny face, just like Chris always does.
 Friday night was date night with Craig and Lauren at Pok Pok. We brought our meat pants and ate lots of it. Everything was super yummy, except for the friggin hot pepper I accidentally ate because it was hiding. Water is spicy to me so I was practically dying. Ugh. Forgot to take pictures because we were so excited to eat. 

After dinner we went to Ruby Jewel Scoops on Mississippi. Best idea ever...you choose your ice cream and cookies (both are made at the shop) and they squish it all into a giant ice cream sandwich. I got carmel with salted dark chocolate ice cream with one double chocolate cookie and one chocolate chip cookie...
 They took a picture of us for the wall of fame. We named ourselves "Marley and the Har Har's".
  (Marley didn't come in but she was in the car)
 Saturday Chris worked all day so Bennett and I took my mom out to breakfast. 
He really likes her iphone.
 Sunday morning Chris made us these ham/egg/crepes. They pretty much were amazing and we decided that we need to make crepes more often because they were really easy.
 After breakfast we went on a hunt for boots for Chris. Bennett didn't want to stay in his stroller so he got to walk like a big boy. So cute and crazy to see.
 Sunday afternoon Bennett was a champion napper and Chris and I were able to get a lot of things done at home. Then we were lazy. The end.

Oh yeah...

happy valentines day
(if that's your thing)


oh and by the way, we are totally making these this weekend...

Yesterday Bennett and I were walking up to get Chris from work
when we spotted this on the other side of the road...

Yes, we walked out of our way to get a picture of this beauty. The best part is that we stood there acting like they had a completely normal car while the owners walked away so I could get a picture (please enlarge to get the full effect).  The owners looked pretty cool too. Just like their car.

PS: I made this cake into cupcakes but didn't get a picture because they were that good. There is only one left and it may be calling my name (even though I just ate one). But it's okay because they are healthy cupcakes...gluten free and made with quinoa instead of flour. Yes, I'm going to have two...I need the protein. 
 I hadn't either until I saw their lovely dresses on Bliss last week. Lee is an Australian designer who's dresses are exactly what I always want to find but never can...simple designs, quality construction and fabrics.  The dresses certainly aren't cheap ($200-$500) though they are currently trying to get rid of their summer stock (it's currently the end of Australia's summer) so most of them are under $100 until they are gone!

These are the ones I am loving...

audrey dress:

becky slip:

katie dress:

isabel dress:

mia shirtdress:

peta tunic:

stella dress:

I seriously want each and everyone of them...I can't think of a more perfect summer wardrobe. 
So light and airy!