Lovely pictures for a lovely weekend

One for each day.

Wishlist Wednesday

something about dresses...
(I think I could look at them all day long)

Two Things Tuesday

I haven't posted in a while. Wouldn't you agree that it's so easy to get out of the habit and then after you know it, a week has gone by with no posts.
It's not really a big deal to me if I don't post everyday, as I'm sure will happen once the weather stays nice for more than a day at a time.
Anyways...Here are two things I love right now:
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#1: Latte Bowls from Anthro
There is nothing these bowls aren't useful for. We use the big ones for cereal, pasta, ice cream, etc. The small ones are perfect for Bennett's food when I'm feeding him or the perfect size for a snack. They are sturdy and my favorite part is the cute colors! They are always getting new colors which means the 'old' colors go on sale every so often. I just got the small blue ones for less than a dollar a piece! Someday I want to have open cupboards with stacks of mismatched latte bowls. My little collection will do for now.

#2:Wood & Wire ring
Chris found this on Etsy for me for Valentine's Day. Isn't it awesome? He knew that I had been looking for a ring made of wood. Isn't it cute that he searched Etsy for something I would love?
And love it I's so unique!

Random picture:
This was taken on the 13th floor of our building. It's such a cool view!
One stylish boy

Who says baby clothes need to be "cute."
Most baby clothes (especially boys) resemble something like this:
Yes, they say "Daddy's silly monkey" and "Mommy's little tiger."
It's actually quite hard to find plain baby clothes.
Is it too much to ask for someone to make stylish baby clothes that don't
have logos, characters or stupid sayings on them?
It's especially hard to find pants and shorts that aren't athletic or redneck looking
(sorry if you are into those things).
I just want plain clothes for Bennett that would be considered somewhat fashionable.
I should go into business making awesome baby clothes...
how hard can it be to make plain stuff?

When worst comes to worst, you make your own...

How to make cutoff jean shorts for you handsome little man:

Purchase jeans (skinny ones if you can find them).
Wash them.
Try them on baby to see where you want to cut.
Draw a chalk line across to make sure you have a straight cut.
Cut off one leg and fold it over to know where to cut on the second leg.
Draw a chalk line and cut second leg.
Try them on baby.
You can roll them up or leave them down.
I think I like them down.
See how much he loves them?

Now we just need to get a few American Apparel tank tops and we are set for summer!

Weekend In Review

This weekend was pretty relaxed.
Chris was playing at church so me and the little guy hung out a lot.

Friday night we went to see my half brother pitch at his little league game.
It was so nice sitting and enjoying being outside without a coat on!

Saturday Chris ran a billion miles and had band practice at church while Bennett and I went to the farmers market and did some grocery shopping.

We also did a lot of hanging out in between naps.

He loves anything with buttons and I wanted to see if he would try to crawl if the keyboard (his fave) was on the ground.

He figured out how to get there but it was a bit of a struggle for him. I wouldn't call it crawling though. He was so happy when he could finally bang on all those glorious buttons.
He also mastered sitting for long periods of time.
He's learning stuff like crazy right now!

On Sunday we went over to my dad's house for a birthday BBQ for my little
bro who just entered teenagehood. I don't envy him.
Iron Man was there.
He spilled his 7-up all over me.
Then I became Iron Man.
Kinda weird, I know.
My niece took this picture of us...we were blinded by the sun!
How cute is my nephew in this picture?!
His sword popped right after this when it fell on the grass.
My half brother (the birthday boy) is on the left and he is the uncle to
Bennett and my niece and nephew...kinda weird huh?

And that was our weekend.

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Fill In The Blank Friday!

Totally random picture:
My friend has a pet skunk.
This is Chris holding it 4 years ago.
She used to have 3 of them.

1. The very best thing about the summer is Eating dinner outside, fresh fruit, farmer's market, sun tea, flowers, dresses and skirts, bbq's, the oregon coast .

2. My first crush ever was Derek in preschool. He used to chase me on the playground and I guess I liked it. I think he was a ladies man .

3. This may sound really silly but I used to not eat the pointy ends of my french fries. Not quite sure why, but now it hurts me to think of all the fries wasted. I stopped when I met Chris because I wanted to impress. I heart fries and would never do such a thing now.

4. I squeeze my toothpaste from The top. I can't stand there to be any toothpaste at the bottom of the tube, it probably feels left out. For a stocking stuffer a few Christmases ago, I got Chris one of the things you put on the tube to squeeze it to the top. We just leave it on so none can escape back to the bottom. We actually have our own tubes of the very same that weird?

5. My absolute favorite "comfort food" is Fries or tots. Possibly dark chocolate too. I would probably eat a fry that was covered in dark chocolate. Chocolate and fries go together like bread and butter. Ever dipped your fries in a chocolate milkshake? AMAZING! .

6. A random fact about me is that I was a cheerleader in high school but was also in choir and all the musicals...I could've been a Glee character. For cheerleading tryouts you were supposed to do a tumbling pass (I've never been able to do a cartwheel) so I did a sumersault. It must have been a dang good sumersault :) .

7. The one piece of technology that truly makes my life better and I couldn't live without is Treadmills with TVs on them. The gym in our building has them, and since I've started running again it's the only way I can take my mind off the pain. I hate running .

Last Summer

This was my view:

June 19th

This was my wardrobe:

July 21st (our 3rd anniversary):
August 6th:
September 2nd:
(I went to the hospital at midnight to be induced)

I was a whale last summer and I had a very small amount of clothes to wear. You quickly become tired of your maternity clothes (especially when its in the 90's with no a/c). I got so huge that I actually grew out of my maternity clothes. (who does that?!)

Needless to say...I'm SO excited to wear cute dresses and skirts this summer!

Like these from Target:

Our Humble Abode
Part Two: Bennett's Nursery

So right after we moved, I did a post of the new apartment. It took me a while, but I finally got pictures of Bennett's room. He has the only actual bedroom and it's pretty small...10' x 10'.
You can go here to see what his room looked like in our old place.

The view from outside the door to his room:
He has the best view outside his window:
(don't you love his little head poking over the chair?)

I love my new room!:
Most of the B's didn't look like this when we bought them:
The bookcase/toybox/hamper/shoe rack/diaper bag holder:
The shoes on top of the shelf just waiting to be worn:
Old toys from growing up and Bennett's first ultrasound picture:

Keely from MannLand5 is having a "Rate My Space: Kids Rooms"
...if you like what you see, go vote for #2!