It's Friday!

We are finishing up packing and moving this weekend!!!

This means my next post will be from our new place.
(and knowing us, everything will be unpacked and in it's place by Sunday night)


One thing I will miss...

walks through this park

I can't even count the times we have walked through this park. It's only two blocks away but we didn't discover it until I was very pregnant last summer. We walked around it so many times trying to 'move things along.' I'm surprised Bennett wasn't born here.

Here is Chris pushing Bennett on his first stroller ride when he was six days old;
through the park of course.

It felt so good to be out in the sun and back in the park with Bennett in tow.

Our stroller has an ipod hookup and speakers that get pretty darn loud. I, for some reason always listen to The Followers when we walk through the park.
(yes we still have the 1st gen. ipod mini)
Bennett likes walks through the park too. The rest of the pictures are from one of our walks last week when it was SO nice out.

I have a feeling that the PSU Park Blocks will become our new Summerlake Park. I'm excited about all of the new things I can show Bennett right outside our front door.

Wishlist Wednesday
(better late than never, right?)

And for our home:
Two Things Tuesday
(and something very important)

These are two things I am loving around my house right now.
(Share your two things and link up at Kassi's blog.)

#1: my grandma's dresser

My grandma passed away a few years ago. I couldn't think of anything I wanted from her house more than this dresser. I love the mid-century design. It has been sitting in our garage since we got it just holding candles and random junk that we didn't need.

It has been promoted to holding clothes in our bedroom which is only fitting for a dresser with so much character.

On top of the dresser is a painting I did, a little jar from anthro that holds my rings, and a new vintage-looking alarm clock that I got Chris for v-day.

The above picture embodies the style we are going for in the new place; mid-century with a little sprinkle of fun. I can't wait to get started...5 days to the Ladd people!

#2: our Eames Molded Plywood Lounge Chair

We found this at Portland Modern a few weeks ago. I was a little hesitant because of the price but we actually got a very good deal on it because there is a tiny scratch from the previous owner. This tiny scratch knocked it into our price range, and without it we would never be able to afford this beauty. (we also won't beat ourselves up over any scratches Bennett may put in it while driving his Hotwheels on it in a few years since it has already been broken in)

But BEWARE...if you attempt to sit in it with riveted jeans, you will be scolded.

On to something of more importance than furniture...

Have you been to Pacing the Panic Room? Last summer I discovered it while searching for not-so-lame maternity clothes that would cover my baby bump. American Apparel had a link to it on their website.

Check out Ryan's maternity series and the current walk to 40 weeks because his work is amazing and it gives me inspiration to do something like this the next time around.

Please go check out the post he did today and support the cause, because LB is worth it. If you think about it, pray for LB and all the other kids with SMS today. Jesus heals!

Giant Chalkboard? Check.

It took a while to get it started, but it's done and I love it even more than I though I would. I have an awesome husband who humors me when I have these seemingly silly ideas. It ended up being a project for him and his dad .

Before you look at this next picture, I need to explain why Chris is wearing this hideously huge shirt. We took a picture frame over to his parents house (which is where we made the chalkboard) so we could paint it in order to make a jewelry holder like this. Immediately after opening the can of paint, Chris got some on his lovely Urban Outfitters V-neck. He had to borrow a huge shirt from his dad while the other shirt was being washed.

The largeness is only accentuated by the skinny jeans. I love my husband.

Chris using power tools and not cutting off his hand

Chris and his dad discussing how to brace the back of the chalkboard

putting on finishing touches

I decided to take a few pictures around the outside of their house because it was such a gorgeous day yesterday!

And there you have it...I'm so excited to hang it up once we move. I think I may have to get colored chalk. If you missed my post with the inspiration for the giant chalkboard and for directions, you can read it here.

Wishlist Wednesday

All of these lovelies are from Ruche

I saw these a while ago at Nordstrom...I love T-straps!

I feel like this needs a belt to break the pattern up a little. I'd wear it with leggings and boots

I'm always searching for the perfect pair of roman sandals
and flats

a belt would look cute on this too

I think I may just get this ring
and this clutch

diaper bag?

love this color...we just got bedding for the new house in this color

this might be a little young looking but it's still cute

That was fun...maybe this should be a weekly post. What's on your wishlist today?